Building environmentally controlled rooms in which valuable computer and data equipment operate under pre set conditions. These works include all cat5e networks, backbones, fibre cables and all other related aspects which include some hardware.  
  Experience shows Data Centre managers find dealing with the following tasks problematic, frustrating and time consuming. Spending time managing these activities prevents them progressing with their real jobs! Mike Waller Projects Limited manage these and a multitude of other such projects for a whole host of clients and we could do the same for you. For more information click on whichever interests you below or please feel free to contact us.  
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 >>  Raised access floors
 >>  Environmental control
 >>  Data cabling &
fibre optics
 >>  Suspended ceilings
 >>  Partitioning
 >>  UPS systems
& generators
 >>  DC electrical works
 >>  Fire suppression
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